With StorEdge, unused solar energy is stored in a battery and used when needed, and for power backup, and Cybertech 2016 in Tel Aviv proved that Israel is a cyber superpower.

By: Michael Ordman



SolarEdge energy storage goes global

The StorEdge system from Israel’s SolarEdge Technologies is now available in Australia, Europe, South Africa, and the United States. With StorEdge, unused solar energy is stored in a battery and used when needed, and for power backup. SolarEdge also reported the shipment of its 10 millionth power optimizer, of which nearly 5 million were sold in 2015.

More cybersecurity startups

Cybertech 2016 in Tel Aviv proved that Israel is a cyber superpower. Also, more Israeli cybersecurity startups get their first mention in my newsletter. IronScales protects companies from phishing attacks. GreenSQL has rebranded as HexaTier and protects databases in the Cloud.


Israel’s “electric” cyber defense

Israel Electric Company’s Yosi Shneck is senior VP in charge of computer security. The IEC is known the world over for its expertise in foiling catastrophic cyber events. It works on a model called “cyber everywhere” and a team of 100 full and part-time security experts.

US DoD sponsors Israeli security contest

The US Department of Defense is one of the sponsors of Israel’s 2016 Combating Terrorism Through Technology challenge program. Two $100,000 prizes will be awarded for innovative technologies that could help combat terrorism or homeland security.

UK Foreign Office advisor praises Israeli science

It could be the nearest Israel has been to getting praise from the UK Foreign Office. Ahead of a visit by 11 Israeli scientists, UK Foreign Office deputy chief scientific adviser, Emma Hennessey, said Israel was “an important science partner for the UK”.

Astronauts arrive for Israel Space Week

Israel’s Space Week includes lectures and discussions with several astronauts: NASA’s Shannon Walker, Joseph Acaba and former astronaut Garrett Reisman. South Korea’s Yi Soyeon, and European Space Agency’s Samantha Cristoforetti, will join them.

Another Israeli UAV

Here is one of the first glimpses of the Impact unmanned air vehicle (UAV) being developed by Israeli startup Meteor Aerospace.

The world’s tallest solar tower

Israel-based Megalim Solar Power is building the tallest solar tower in the world at Ashalim, in the Negev desert. 50,000 computer-controlled mirrors will focus solar rays onto the 787-foot tower producing, when the project is complete, 121 megawatts, to cover 1% of Israel’s electricity needs.

Israeli water stations in Ohio

Sinclair Community College in Dayton Ohio is the first site outside of Israel to test the water stations from Israel’s Whoosh. Whoosh customers can take virtually any bottle or cup of their own and fill it with filtered, chilled tap water. The can also cleanse a drinking bottle.

Cheaper fish

Israeli startup Subflex builds cages for the planned offshore fish farms near Ashdod. The submersible, flexible net cage systems will allow for the managed raising of fish in the ocean, providing large, locally grown harvests that will help lower the cost of fish.

Backup your data in the Cloud

Israeli startup OwnBackup is the first graduate of this year’s Microsoft Ventures Israel’s Accelerator to receive funding – $3.5 million in fact. OwnBackup provides a data backup and fast recovery service to companies using 3rd party services in the Internet Cloud.

The last smartphone standing

In the Flagship Smartphones Battery Life Challenge in China, the Meizu PRO5 with PowerXtend from Israel’s Lucidlogix was running gaming programs 16 mins after all other screens went dark. It beat the Nexus 6P (3.5hrs), Huawei Mate8 (6.2hrs) and the iPhone6s Plus (6.75hrs).


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