Israeli experts visit St. Mary’s secondary school in Nakuru, Kenya. ( MASHAV)

Israel is again lending its expertise to an African country, this time helping Kenya with education and leadership.

​Two Israeli experts recently arrived in Kenya on a mission to evaluate Israel’s ongoing Education for Sustainable Development Project (ESD) running in the African country.

The ESD project is conducted in Kenya by MASHAV, Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation and seeks to foster environmental integrity, economic viability, and a just society for present and future generations.

The program addresses these objectives through the establishment of broad teaching and learning processes that emphasize an interdisciplinary and holistic approach, which promotes critical and creative thinking in education.

A six-year cooperation agreement on Teachers Professional Development was signed in July 2017 between the countries.

Close to 800 Kenyan educators from over 90 schools and institutions have taken part in training activities conducted both in Israel and in Kenya during the 2010-2016 period.

The goal of the evaluation mission is to identify best practices and plan future training activities.

The project is run through MASHAV’s Educational Training Center-METC. Located near Jerusalem, the Center offers professional training programs to participants from developing countries, introducing them to the wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated in Israel in the field of education and social development.

Israel believes that the sustainable development of any nation rests with its human capital and its ability to generate new ideas and foster skills. The Center offers an encompassing and inclusive approach to education-related issues, based on the belief that a fundamental prerequisite for development is an effective educational system which is accessible to all.

The ESD program is conducted in cooperation with Kenya’s Ministry of Education, KEPSHA- Kenya Primary Schools Headteachers Association, and the Israeli Embassy in Kenya.

Israel has recently boosted its ties with Kenya, and last July Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made an historic visit to the country.

Israel has a long history of sharing its expertise with African countries and the Jewish state has helped African technologically in a number of sectors, particularly in agriculture.