An Israel “vertical rice field.” (MFA)

Diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Israel are “flourishing and thriving now more than ever,” said Israeli Ambassador to Vietnam Nadav Eshcar.

Israel recently introduced new water technology in Hanoi, Vietnam, with the objective of significantly improving the city’s agricultural sector.

The technology was introduced at the “Exposition of Futuristic Agro and Water Israeli Technologies and Cultural Performance” last Saturday.

The event served as part of a series of activities being held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam-Israel diplomatic relations and to promote the friendship and partnership between the two nations.

One of the technologies, known as the “vertical rice field”, was developed by the Israel-based Vertical Field, a company that pioneers modular, green vertical gardens and fields, the Viet Nam News reported.

A vertical rice field covering 100 square meters featured at the event combined novel soil-based technology for water conservation and plant nutrition.

A cutting-edge and patented Israeli technology developed by Watergen that provides a low-cost and renewable source of fresh and clean drinking water by extracting it directly from the atmosphere was also showcased at the event.

Israeli Ambassador to Vietnam Nadav Eshcar said that the machine can produce around 700 liters of water per day

Celebrating Israel-Vietnam Ties

The event also featured some cultural exchange activities, including dancing and music.

“We celebrate our great friendship with the Vietnamese people by displaying unique and cutting-edge technologies in the center of Hanoi, as they represent the ties between our two nations most of all: It is all about innovation, creativity and vision; co-operation in education, advanced technology, agriculture and science,” said Eshcar.

“I strongly believe that there is enormous potential for our relations with Vietnam. Together – there is nothing we cannot accomplish,” he said.

Diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Israel are “flourishing and thriving [now] more than ever,” he added.

Israel is world-famous for its advanced water technologies, which provides solutions to even the driest and most barren areas on earth. With many years of experience in making its southern desert, the Negev, bloom, Israel has become a leading force in providing aqua know-how to countries around the planet.

Although Israel has experienced drought in recent years, it is managing an over-capacity of water due to intense water management and desalination production. Other countries are turning to Israel for help.

Over the years, Israel has transformed itself from a country with serious water shortages to a global water powerhouse, exporting its prowess to arid regions around the world.