PM Benjamin Netanyahu (L) with Google's Eric Schmidt. (Kobi Gideon/GPO) (Kobi Gideon/GPO)
Netanyahu Schmidt

On a visit to Israel this week, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt praised the country’s expertise in technology and entrepreneurship, saying that his company will continue investing here.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met on Tuesday with Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt in Jerusalem.

The Israeli leader highlighted the cutting-edge nature of Israel’s high-tech and cyber industry and pointed out that developing the industry has been a national challenge of the highest order in the Israeli economy.

He mentioned the effort made by Israel to diversify its markets, thus minimizing its vulnerability. At the same time, Israel is striving to attract investments from multinational companies.

He also stressed the importance of reaching a level of excellence in the teaching of mathematics to high school students, adding that Israel will continue to strive to attract investments of multinational companies.

Schmidt acknowledged Israel’s leadership in technology in general and in the cyber field in particular, pointing out Israel’s capability to learn new technologies quickly and the creativity and entrepreneurship of the Israeli industry.

Jerusalem hi tech

Jerusalem’s Hi-Tech park. (Orel Cohen/Flash90)

Israel is second only to the Silicon Valley in California in terms of the number of start-ups, with over 6,000 start-ups founded in Israel in the last decade, he said, vowing that Google is committed to continue investing in Israel.

Speaking at the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science on Monday, the Google executive pointed to Israeli culture and innovation as a the key to its success. “Israel is booming in terms of entrepreneurship because you have a culture to challenge authority and to question everything. You’re not going by the rules.”

Schmidt also met with former President Shimon Peres.