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Good News Israel presents the world is your touchscreen; smell based fingerprints and much more.

By: Michael Ordman


Catch a thief with your old smartphone

Israel’s Salient Eye uses the camera on your old and unwanted smartphone as a motion-sensor, taking photos of intruders as they walk past the phone. The app then sends these photos and a loud alert to warn the homeowner of the intrusion. Here’s a thief it caught last week.

Smell based fingerprints

Practically every human being has his or her own unique smell. Israel’s Weizmann Institute researchers have developed an “olfactory fingerprint” that tests 34 different odors and could be used to identify any of the 7.3 billion people on Earth. It could also help match organ donors and even detect diseases.

Better security in churches

Israeli start-up Churchix uses facial recognition technology to identify dangerous criminals who try to infiltrate into church congregations. Unlike synagogues and mosques, church security is traditionally at a minimal level, yet needs to prevent atrocities such as that recently in Charleston.

Imagination just got even easier

Israel’s Cimagine (featured here in March) has just upgraded its augmented reality software. Now you can “virtually furnish” a whole room, displaying the results on your smartphone.

Support your club – brand your keyboard

Israel’s Kibo keyboard app not only checks your spelling but it turns your smartphone or tablet keyboard into the logo and colors of one of six top international soccer clubs. Apple has just approved the app for its iPhone and iPad. The Android version already has 6 million users.

Europe buys Israeli smart vest

Israel’s Elbit has won a $150 million contract from the Dutch Ministry of Defense to supply advanced protective systems for infantry soldiers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. The Smart Vest program includes advanced audio and data radio systems and specialized displays.

Radio waves to release hydrogen from water

H2energy Now is the first Israeli startup to be invited to the European Union-sponsored Alpine High-tech Venture Forum. H2energy’s technology uses radio waves to break the hydrogen-oxygen bond in salt water. The hydrogen produced is a source of clean energy.

400,000-year-old teeth reveal their contents

A 400,000-year-old set of teeth, discovered in Qesem cave outside of Tel Aviv, has revealed minute traces of food, charcoal and possibly the remains of a rudimentary toothbrush in the teeth’s plaque.

The world is your touchscreen

A new video from Israel21c featuring the Bird – the finger-controlled device from Israel’s MUV Interactive – that turns any surface (walls, tables etc.) into a virtual touchscreen.


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