Hutu refugee children enjoy high protein biscuits. (AP/Sayyid Azim) (AP/Sayyid Azim)
Rwanda children


Good News Israel presents superfood for Rwanda; Training 150 Indian police and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



Speed mentoring for women entrepreneurs

Top women in the fields of mobile, tech and startups attended “Speed Mentoring Night with Women who Inspire and Mentor in the Startup Nation” at the Google Campus in Tel Aviv. 120 hopeful female entrepreneurs benefited from 5-minute mentoring sessions.
And Israel has the world’s 7th most women startup leaders.

Women excel in the smart nation

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics reported that the number of Israeli graduates has increased five-fold since 1990. In the last academic year, one and a half times as many women as men were awarded an undergraduate or Masters’ degree.,7340,L-4681486,00.html

Jerusalem light railway is popular with Arabs

The BBC failed to mention in its Panorama program that the Jerusalem light railway also makes it easier for Arab residents of Jerusalem to travel around the city to hospitals, shopping malls or other areas that Arabs freely access alongside their Jewish neighbors.

Druze village tops Israeli matriculation

The Druze village of Beit Jann achieved Israel’s highest rate of matriculation certificate eligibility among high school students in the 2013-14 school year, having come in at third and second places in the last two years.,7340,L-4685710,00.html

Scholarships and pride for Druze students

Thanks to International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), many Druse students received University scholarships in memory of former Druse IDF officer and Majdal Shams mayor Maj. Salim Shufi. The current mayor said the event gave the students a sense of pride.

A Heart for Peace

Since it began in 2005, A Heart for Peace’s Israeli and Palestinian Arab doctors at Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital have treated 607 children with congenital heart diseases from Gaza and the PA territories. No child has been prevented from receiving care. All costs are funded by the hospital and AHFP.

Haifa doctors save two Palestinian Arabs in Jerusalem

18 year-old Muhammad Jabri nearly died in a Hebron car crash but was saved by doctors from Haifa’s Rambam hospital who were at Augusta Victoria hospital in Jerusalem treating another Palestinian Arab when Jabri was brought in.

Israel donates helicopters to Jordan

Israel has given around 16 retired U.S.-supplied Cobra combat helicopters to Jordan to help fend off insurgent threats on Jordan’s Syrian and Iraqi borders.

Jersey City emergency volunteers learn from Israel

Jersey City is training a team of citizen volunteers that utilizes GPS mobile app-based technology to respond to emergency incidents ahead of ambulances. The program is modeled on United Hatzalah, an Israeli community-based emergency organization.

Superfood for Rwanda

Five young agronomists from Rwanda have spent a year studying Israeli agriculture. The most significant project was how to grow spirulina algae, a superfood that contains all the essential nutrients a human body requires. It could save millions of Rwandan children from malnutrition.

Training 150 Indian police

Last week I reported about the Israeli-trained Indian anti-terror SWAT team. This week, Israel’s ambassador to Israel announced that Israel will give anti-terror training to 150 Indian policemen at the new state-of-the-art national police academy in Beit Shemesh, near Jerusalem.

Israel Africa hub is launched

Israeli startup Fundz has launched the online community Israel Africa Hub. It will leverage technology to support the fast growing technology ecosystems across Africa, allowing entrepreneurs and investors to interact, co-invest or expand existing enterprises.


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