Preventing hospital infection. (Shutterstock) Preventing hospital infection. (Shutterstock)
Preventing hospital infection. (Shutterstock)

good_news_from_israel_890x1002Good News Israel presents a way to prevent hospital infections; diagnosing pneumonia, and much more.

By Michael Ordman



Preventing hospital infections

Another Israeli company is countering the risk of contracting infections in hospital. Nano-Textiles coats hospital textiles (bed linen and clothing) with nano-particles of Zinc and Copper oxides that kill even antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Nano-Textiles plans to raise $3 million on Wall Street.

More good news for brain tumor patients

Here is a new report about the TTFields scalp device from Israel’s Novocure that slows the growth of brain tumors. (Previously reported in Nov 2014).

New devices to diagnose pneumonia

Two Israeli startups have received Israeli Government grants to develop their products for diagnosing pneumonia. RespiDX’s Respimometer has sensors to measure breathing. NanoVation-GS’s stick-on patch has a film with a nano-sensor to measure respiration.

Accurate injections

Israeli biotech SteadyMed has developed a disposable patch pump delivery system to administer medicines safely and accurately into the body. SteadyMed plans to raise $55 million on NASDAQ.

Crowdfunding helps solve rare disease mystery

Crowdfunding – funds from a large number of individuals over the Internet – have enabled researchers at Tel Aviv University to conduct Whole Exome Sequencing and identify the genetic mutation responsible for mental retardation and severe developmental delays in children.–health?=storyid4704=2160ncs4704=3

Joint medical research with UK

The Britain Israel Research and Academic Exchange partnership (BIRAX) has pledged £3.2 million of funding for eight joint stem cell research projects to develop therapies for diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease and Multiple Sclerosis. UK Prime Minister David Cameron said the research “has the potential to change the lives of hundreds of millions of people.”


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