Former Miss Israel Yityish Titi Annaw (Youtube)

Moving to Israel to avoid racism, falling in love at a coronavirus hotel, Aliyah applications double in May, and much more!

By Michael Ordman


Moving to Israel to avoid racism

Listen to what converted black Jew Elton says at 21:20 on this ILTV video. (Relevant extract begins at 17:30)

Love at a coronavirus hotel

Ruth and Bezalel come from two families who were infected with Covid-19 and taken to a hotel converted into a coronavirus recovery ward. Ruth was impressed that Bezalel had organized Torah activities for the yeshiva students at the hotel. A friend organized a date and the couple soon got engaged.

Aliya applications double in May

May 2020 ended with a 100 percent increase in North American interest in Aliyah compared to May 2019, with a record-breaking number of immigration applications. Many of the 800 applicants said that the coronavirus helped prompt a decision they long had in the making.

Birthright internships continue – virtually

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Birthright is going ahead with its Excel summer internship project, virtually. It places Jewish university students from the US, Canada, Mexico, Israel and the UK with Israel’s top tech and finance companies.,7340,L-3831591,00.html

Jerusalem – a city of contrasts

Some remarkable scenes of Israel’s capital city. Green paths, speedily completed roadworks, hotels opening for guests, streets closed to accommodate eating outside restaurants, the Unity Prize winners and three contrasting volunteer medics for United Hatzalah.