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An Israeli company announced successful results with an Alzheimer’s treatment it is working on and Israeli doctors restored the eyesight of 90 adults and children in Kyrgyzstan.

By: Michael Ordman


Treatment slows onset of Alzheimer’s

Israel’s Avraham Pharmaceuticals announced successful interim results in a Phase 2b clinical trial of ladostigil, for the treatment of mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Fewer MCI patients using ladostigil for 2 years progressed to Alzheimer’s than those using the placebo.

Detecting lung cancer mutations in the genes

Israel’s Rosetta Genomics has just had approval from the New Jersey Department of Health, for its OncoGxSelect diagnostic test for lung cancer. The test detects genetic mutations responsible for the tumors and help clinicians make relevant treatment decisions.

A device to treat Peripheral Artery Disease

Eximo has developed a patented hybrid catheter, which is connected to a pulsed laser system, for the treatment of blocked arteries associated with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). PAD affects 8-12 million Americans. Eximo has just received $1.6 million of funding.

Restoring eyesight in Kyrgyzstan

A group of Israeli doctors restored the eyesight of 90 adults and children in Kyrgyzstan thanks to Israeli-Jewish Eye from Zion volunteer organization. The doctors performed cornea surgery, plastic surgery and removed tumors and cataracts. Many patients had been blind for years.

How to check if your baby is healthy

Israel Technion Professor Eli Ben-Sasson and his wife Ayelet have developed an online community (CROINC (CROwd-based INteractive Clustering)) where parents can share information about their child’s development – and compare it to actual scientific and medical facts.


HIV is six times lower in Israel

Due to circumcision, the annual incidence of HIV infection in Israeli men is on average six times lower than that of the Netherlands and France and for women it is ten times lower. The Health Ministry study was published in the Israel Journal of Health Policy Research.



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