Pregnant women in Uganda waiting for medical treatment. (Shutterstock)

Israeli midwife raises funds to build maternity center in Abayudaya; Israel enforces OECD anti-bribery laws; rare white rhino born in Israel; and much more!

By: Michael Ordman


Maternity center in Uganda

Israeli midwife, Ilana Shemesh, was shocked by the conditions of the centers treating pregnant women in Uganda. So, she raised $12,000 to help build the Shifra and Puah maternity center in Abayudaya. The center has already assisted in two births – the first during the night after its opening.,7340,L-5331734,00.html

Israel enforces OECD anti-bribery laws

Israel is one of only 7 countries to strictly enforce the OECD’s 1997 Anti-Bribery Convention. In just 3 years, Israel has gone from the bottom of the enforcement league to the top with several high-profile cases brought to justice.

Rare white rhino born in Israel on Yom Kippur

Israel is a major contributor to world efforts to save vanishing species.  On Yom Kippur, a fifth baby white rhino was born to Tanda and Atari at Israel’s Ramat Gan Safari. Israel’s 13-rhino herd is the largest in Europe’s program to breed the endangered species.

Israel stands with the USA to remember 9/11

Many nations appear to have forgotten the terrorist attacks of 11th Sept 2001 but not Israel. This year’s memorial was held early, as 11th Sept fell on the Jewish New Year.

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