Israeli grapes. (Shutterstock)
Israeli grapes.


Good News Israel presents Israeli grapes are available all year round; flowers that take longer to wilt and much more.

By Michael Ordman



Israeli grapes available all year round

Researchers in the south of Israel have used special pruning techniques and plastic sheeting to cover the vineyards and convince an existing variety of seedless grape, Early Sweet, to ripen during the winter months. It will allow Israeli farmers to harvest grapes throughout the year.,7340,L-4643362,00.html

Long-lasting flowers

Israel’s Danziger Innovations and the Hebrew University’s Yissum tech-transfer company have developed a patented technology called MemoGene, which together with a DNA editing platform developed by Precision Biosciences in North Carolina, extends the shelf life of popular flowers.

Weizmann hosts AgriVest

The third international AgriVest conference will take place at the Weizmann Institute of Science on April 27, 2015. Israeli startups will present their finest in agritech innovation to hundreds of professionals, government officials, businesspeople, scientists and leading investors from Israel and abroad

Israel’s hi-tech desert

Here is a brief insight into the work being conducted by scientists and researchers in Israel’s Arava Desert, trying to solve some of the problems in the world’s poorest countries.

Roll up for a flexible screen

Tel Aviv University scientists have developed a single-layer, organic material that emits a full range of colors. It can connect to a microprocessor or video chip to display images in the same manner as rigid LCD or LED screens. Soon you can watch films on a big screen that you can roll up to go.

Israeli teens win “robotics Olympics”

100 teams competed in the annual Trinity College Robot Contest in Connecticut USA – one of the top robotics contests in the world. Haifa’s Ironi G High School won 1st prize for its Dalek firefighter and Israelis came 1st and 2nd in both individual and team Olympiad exams.

The robot printer wins over Las Vegas

I just received this video of Israeli startup ZUtA’s Pocket Printer making an indelible impression at CES 2015 in Las Vegas.


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