Chinese company signs agreement to work with Israeli battery-charging startup StoreDot; Israel’s Tamar Petroleum to supply more gas to Jordan; Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman new face of Israel’s Tadiran air conditioning, and much more!

By Michael Ordman


Battery charging startup gets Chinese boost

I’ve reported previously (see here) on Israel’s StoreDot and its innovative fast-charging batteries. Now, China’s EVE Energy Co. Ltd. has signed an agreement with StoreDot. to manufacture the Israeli company’s products for electric vehicles and mobile devices in China.

Jordan buys more Israeli gas

Tamar Petroleum (owned by Israel’s Delek and US’s Nobel Energy) is to supply up to 1 BCM more Israeli gas worth $200 million to the Jordan Bromine Company and Arab Potash Company. Jordan began receiving Israeli gas in 2017 (see here) after a $500 million deal (see here)

Morgan Freeman is so cool

Octogenarian Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman will soon be seen all over Israeli billboards and television screens as the new face of Tadiran air conditioners. Freeman signed an agreement with Tadiran to lead the company’s advertising campaigns.

The OurCrowd Global Investor Summit

On March 7, 2019, in Jerusalem, Israel, over 15,000 people from over 120 countries are expected to attend the fifth annual OurCrowd Global Investor Summit. Its theme is “Startups: Making a Global Impact,” – their breakthrough technologies and their social impact in the world.


Protecting millions of cars

I reported previously (1 July) about Israel’s ERM Advanced Telematics and its systems that prevents cyber-attacks on connected cars. ERM now protects and monitors 5 million cars globally. It is now expanding in Latin America, focusing on the fleet management and stolen vehicle recovery markets.

Reckitt Benckiser partners with Israel

Israel’s Innovation Authority (IIA), has signed a Tech Collaboration Agreement with Healthcare multinational Reckitt Benckiser (RB). The IIA will help RB locate Israeli healthcare startups focusing on AI and blockchain and match investments that RB makes in them.

Ex-Intel employees invest in Israeli tech

Five former Intel senior executives have co-founded investment group NextLeap Ventures. It has already invested $1.5 million in five Israeli tech startups – GuardKnox, Zuta-Core, Magentiq Eye, Montfort (see here) and TechsoMed. 80 ex-Intel employees came to its recent Pitch Night.
https://www.magentiq.com/news https://vimeo.com/224749386 https://www.techsomed.com/