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Israeli gas prices


Good News Israel presents an Israeli app that saves you money at the pump; a record-breaking printer and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



An app to manage your event

Israel’s Bizzabo provides event managers (of shows, seminars, demonstrations, projects, marathons etc.) full website building facilities to organize their event. Including advertising, sales, ticketing, registration, networking, feedback and analysis – all to make the event a success.

Biodegradable plastics for Savannah

Israel’s Bram Plastics Industries is building a new “green” factory in Savannah, Georgia USA. The facility will produce 100% biodegradable plastic products, such as food packaging, tableware, storage tools and shopping bags for its US customers, which include Walmart.

Record-breaking printer

Israel’s Dip-Tech has been awarded the Guinness world record for the largest digital flatbed printer. 18 meters long, it can print on a single pane of glass with an area of 64 sq meters. It is reported that the printer is being used on the curved glass “spaceship” project for Apple’s new California HQ.

$125,000 desalination prize

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded the $125,000 Desal Prize to a joint research project of Israel’s Technion and the University of North Texas as part of the Securing Water for Food Grand Challenge. The project uses wind and solar energy to power desalination.

Canada and Israel to “join up” in space

Israeli-Canadian cooperation is literally “out of this world”. The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the Israel Space Agency (ISA) have agreed to develop advanced applications in satellite communications. Two research projects have already been initiated.

Saving money at the pump

Israeli app Fulltank gives you the location of gas stations nearest to your current location. While the app works worldwide, in Israel it also provides up-to-date gas prices from over 1200 gas stations across the country. It also helps you navigate to your chosen station.

Israeli tech for Indian state

Israel and the Indian state of Rajasthan are discussing the expansion of their partnership in areas of water management, post harvesting and tourism. State authorities have been invited to Watec Israel-2015 in October to see Israel’s irrigation, desalination and wastewater technology.

Keep an eye on your home

The new FLIR FX home security camera comes with Recap software from Israel’s BriefCam. So you can easily see what’s going on that relates to your property or loved ones.


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