Israeli researchers aim to further explore the brain. (Shutterstock) (Shutterstock)
Israeli researchers aim to further explore the brain. (Shutterstock)

good_news_from_israel_890x1002Good News Israel presents exploring the brain; monitoring mental illness with a smartphone, and much more.

By Michael Ordman



A virus that kills resistant bacteria infections

Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have isolated (from Jerusalem sewage) a “safe” virus EFDG1, which can kill the bacteria infections associated with up to 33% of root canal treatments. EFDG1 eradicates even antibiotic-resistant strains of the bacteria.

BrainTech 2015

The international conference BrainTech 2015 in Tel Aviv, beginning 11th March, features neuroscientists, entrepreneurs, senior executives, investors, startups and decision-makers who will explore challenges, discover promising projects, create partnerships and accelerate innovation in brain technology.

Monitoring mental illness by smartphone

Israel’s LifeGraph has developed a smartphone-based platform for monitoring mental illness. LifeGraph detects changes in a patient’s sleep, social communication, mobility and speech. It provides psychiatrists with innovative insight into the behavioral patterns of the patient.

The nose-to-brain express route

A major problem in treating mental illness is in overcoming the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) with effective medication. Israel’s SipNose has developed an innovative nasal delivery device platform that can penetrate the BBB and provide fast, non-invasive treatment to patients.

Opening up the inner workings of the brain

As Tel Aviv prepares to host the 2015 BrainTech conference, Professor Henry Markram (formerly of Israel’s Weizmann Institute) outlined the goals and activities of the Human Brain Project, of which he is co-director.

Fooling the malaria parasite

Back in Dec 2012 I reported how Dr Ron Dzikowski at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem had discovered the genetic reason why malaria was so difficult to treat. Now Professor Dzikowski and other HUJ scientists have used the discovery to disrupt the parasite’s defense mechanism.


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