Brain neurons. (Shutterstock)
Brain neurons.


Good News Israel presents a brain neurons study that can help fight Alzheimer’s; a pill balloon to control your appetite and much more.

By Michael Ordman



Brain neurons study can help fight Alzheimer’s

Tel Aviv University researchers discovered that neural networks in the brain preserve memories better than individual neurons. This new understanding may lead to a breakthrough in treating debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Pill balloon to control your appetite

Israel biomed company Tulip Medical has successfully completed its first clinical trial of its pill that expands in the stomach, inflates like a balloon, and creates a sense of fullness. The pill was safe with no side effects. The next trial will test the pill in an inclusive weight-loss program.

Treatment for cystic fibrosis

Israel’s Advanced Inhalation Therapies has been granted Orphan status by the US FDA to complete the development of its nitric oxide (NO) treatment for cystic fibrosis. The NO gas boosts the body’s immune system, improves blood flow and circulation and kills bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.

Stem cell treatment fights radiation sickness

Stem cells from Israel’s Pluristem have been used in clinical tests to successfully treat bone marrow failure following total body exposure to high doses of radiation.

Treatments in Silicon can target cancer

Scientists at Israel’s Technion together with MIT and Harvard have discovered that chemotherapeutics, delivered in tiny silicon containers with nano-sized holes are able to destroy malignant tumors, whilst avoiding adverse effects on healthy tissue.


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