Anas Agbaria and the 450 gift bags he and his wife Reham gave away in lieu of a big wedding. (Facebook)

Israeli Foreign Ministry exposes kindhearted “Palestinian” couple as Arab-Israeli newlyweds from the northern city of Um Al-Fahm.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry outed a Palestinian Facebook page that put out a fake news story claiming that a newlywed couple who chose coronavirus safety over a traditional big wedding, instead usinng the money for gift packages for the needy, were Palestinians.

“Anas Agbaria from Umm al-Faham and his fiance took the money they had saved towards a big wedding and invested it in organizing 450 food packages for needy Arab and Jewish Israeli families,” the Foreign Ministry posted on Facebook.

“Mabrouk (Arabic for “congratulations”) to this special couple.”

The Facebook page of the Quds News Network (QNN) posted that “due to Covid-19 outbreak in the West Bank, the Palestinian young man, Anas Agbaria cancelled his wedding party,” Israellycool reported.

But Agbaria lives in Israel in Um Al-Faham, and QNN did not say that he and his new wife are actually Israeli citizens.

Israel Arabic news websites also widely reported the heartwarming story, yet none of those stories mentioned the word “Palestinian” when describing the newlyweds.

Anas and his new wife Reham were also interviewed on TV, and they modestly described what the press called the “beautiful gesture made by the couple.”

The local news website in Um al-Fahm described how social media was abuzz with the tale of the young couple in their early 20s who chose the act of charity “instead of holding a large wedding and endangering people’s lives in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic that lives with the citizens in this country.”

“The newlyweds said that this step came after thinking outside the box because the wedding ceremony is important and beautiful, but good deeds are also the most beautiful,” the report said, allowing them to share the joy of their wedding with more people than just immediate family.

That definitely calls for “Mabrouk”! Mazel Tov!