Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip. (Flash90/Abed Rahim Khatib)

Deputy police chief says Hamas leaders cursed the UAE, but “Jews wish good and happiness to the Gulf people.”

Dubai’s former police chief Dhahi Khalfan criticized the Palestinians for their rejection of the UAE-Israel peace deal, saying the Hamas terror group needs to be dissolved, the news website Al Araby reported .

Khalfan used his Twitter account to criticize Palestinian groups and called for dismantling “enemies” of the United Arab Emirates.

“Hamas was able to create enmities with the Arab Gulf states and many Arab countries..Israel was able to create friendships … and this is a natural result for both parties,” Khalfan tweeted.

He slammed Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and the chief Palestinian peace negotiator, Saeb Erekat, saying that the two of them had “outdated mentalities” and that his country’s step to normalize with Israel would enhance the chances of success for Palestinian-Israeli peace talks.

“I advise all Palestinian organizations to merge into the Fatah organization and to dissolve the Brotherhood Hamas … and to be led by young people, not the elderly,” Khalfan tweeted, an apparent reference former Fatah strongman Mohammad Dahlan who is backed by the UAE.

The top cop has a history of promoting the normalization of ties between the Arabs and Israel, while constantly attacking the Palestinians, especially Hamas, saying now that “dialogue with the Jews in the presence of peace will be more beneficial to the two-state solution.”

Khalfan fired a broadside at Hamas, saying: “When the Palestinian cause turns into an Islamist party that carries all the tools of demolition for the Arab governments… the case is lost for the sake of a party… and this is what al-Mishaal al-Mutfi did,” a disparaging reference to former Hamas political bureau chief Khaled Meshal as a religious leader and not a politician or diplomat.

The Hamas terror organization was formed as a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, which is considered a terrorist organization by the UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

“We saw Hamas preachers cursing the people of the Gulf [states] … We saw the Jews wishing good and happiness to the Gulf people … The issue is an issue of morality,” Khalfan tweeted.

Last week Palestinian leaders roundly condemned the announcement by President Trump that Israel and the UAE would sign a peace deal at the White House in the coming weeks and will normalize relations.

Abbas said the UAE had put a knife in the back of the Palestinians by sacrificing the Palestinian cause to gain commercial relations with Israel.