Pro-Palestinian vandal sprays paint on a UK office of the Israeli company Elbit, Feb. (Twitter)

Pro-Israel blogger outs anti-Israel activists charged with damaging the British factory of Israel defense contractor Elbit Systems.

A pro-Israel British blogger has helped identify some of the anti-Israel activists who were arrested last week and charged with causing damage to the factory of an Israeli defense contractor in England.

Last month the protesters chained the gates of the Elbit Ferranti factory just outside Manchester. Several of them climbed onto the roof, smashed windows with a sledgehammer, smeared gallons of red paint over office windows and spray painted “Shut Elbit Down.”

The factory makes aircraft engines for drones that Elbit produces. The members of the “Palestine Action and Extinction Rebellion” have been outed as hard-core anti-establishment radicals by David Collier, whose blog helps expose anti-Semitism and anti-Zionist activity in the UK.

“Six activists from Palestine Action were charged with criminal damage after their attack on the Shenstone offices of the Israeli company Elbit … It is time to meet them,” Collier posted.

Local media reports said the six were held for around 48 hours and charged with causing £50,000 ($70,000) in criminal damages.

Collier identified three of the apparent ringleaders as veteran anti-Israel activists, including a woman named Kajsa Anckarstrom, whose real name is Vienna Lstadt – a key member of an Islamist group called “Inminds” – run by a pro-Palestinian Holocaust denier named Sandra Watfa.

Another of those arrested, Michael Sackur, 23, from West London, is the son of the host of the BBC program HARDtalk, Stephen Sackur, who “has a very long history of anti-Israel bias in his reporting,” Collier noted.

“There is no intention at all to blame this alleged act of vandalism on the father – we are all only responsible for our own actions – but given his apparent hostility towards Israel, perhaps we should not be so surprised that his son may have ended up vandalizing buildings of Israeli companies,” Collier said.

A third person arrested, Nick Georges, is a graduate of the Quaker supported Ecumenical “witnesses program” run by the World Council of Churches – a hard-core anti-Israel propaganda tour – that ensures that the future anti-Israel activists only ‘witness’ exactly “what the propaganda NGOs arrange for them to witness and are fed a diet of hard-core disinformation, sprinkled with thousands of lies. They return as radicalized members of a cult.”

Collier notes that Georges spreads his anti-Israel propaganda to local schoolchildren.

In a video released by the group on social media, one man who claimed to be a pensioner said he normally didn’t like smashing things, but felt he had no choice.

“We may appear to be bloody hooligans smashing the place up, maybe you’re right,” he said in a video posted on social media showing him standing with other protesters on the roof of the Elbit building,waving Palestinian flags.

His self-incrimination was indeed correct. The “bloody hooligans” are scheduled to appear in court on March 9.