Prime Minister Netanyahu US Congress. Prime Minister Netanyahu with Speaker John Boehner in Congress.
Prime Minister Netanyahu US Congress.

In what Prime Minister Netanyahu called a “stunning historical mistake,” world powers including the US signed a dangerous nuclear deal with Iran. The deal now goes to Congress for approval and it’s up to your representatives to decide whether or not to validate the deal. Call your Senators and Congressmen and urge them to reject the deal!

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The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action reached between the P5+1 and Iran endangers Israel’s national security as well as the security of the entire world.

Here are the four main problems with the Iran nuclear deal as Israel’s Ambassador to Washington Ron Dermer emphasized in his recent article in the Washington Post:

First, the deal leaves Iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure. Inspections will not be “anytime, anywhere,” instead, Iran will be granted 24 days (not hours!) notice. If Iran cheats, as they have done in the past and most agree they will continue to do, Iran’s breakout time to a nuclear bomb is very short. Israel is in grave danger, with little time to react.

Second, the restrictions being placed on Iran’s nuclear program are only temporary, with the most important restrictions expiring in 10 years. After 10 years, Iran’s path to the bomb will be quick and undeterred. This is a major existential threat to Israel.

Third, because states throughout the Middle East know that the deal paves Iran’s path to the bomb, many Arabs states will race to get nuclear weapons of their own. This also poses a major risk to the security of Israel.

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Finally, Iran gets billions for its global terror network. As part of the economic benefits of the agreement, Iran will gain access to frozen funds of about $150 billion.

These funds will be used increase Iran’s subversive activities in the region and its support of terror. Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad will get huge sums of money and tens of thousands of more missiles to fire at Israeli communities.

As Dermer explained, “any one of these problems would be sufficient to make this a bad deal. But all four make this deal a disaster of historic proportions.”


1. Sign the Petition to the US Congress

It is urgent that you sign the petition to encourage members of Congress to oppose the deal. After you sign, please send it to everyone you know. We will keep you updated with the latest news.


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3. Call Your Representatives in Congress

If you are an American citizen, it is extremely important that you CALL your own Senator and Congressman and urge them to reject the current nuclear deal with Iran.

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