Placard calling for replacing all of Israel with Palestine as part of campus protest in support of Students for Justice in Palestine. (AP/ Stephan Savoia)

There’s no time to lose! Demand University of Michigan cancel an anti-Israel, anti-Semitic conference scheduled for this coming weekend!

Several pro-Israel groups are urging the University of Michigan to cancel an upcoming conference at the school that is featuring anti-Israel groups and speakers that “have a long record of vicious anti-Semitism,” according to Roz Rothstein, co-founder and CEO of StandWithUs.

The event, titled “2020 Youth for Palestine Conference,” is slated to take place on Jan. 25-26 on the campus in Ann Arbor, Mich., and is being hosted by Midwest Students for Justice in Palestine, Palestinian Youth Movement, and Students Allied for Freedom and Equality.

“The Students Supporting Israel (SSI) movement expects the University of Michigan to condemn and cancel such a hateful conference,” Ilan Sinelnikov, president and founder of the Israeli advocacy organization, told JNS.

He noted that several anti-Israel/anti-Semitic groups are involved in the event and have been spreading hateful messages on social media.

Support for Terrorism and Anti-Semitism

The National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP), along with several other groups involved in this event, have a long history of promoting support for terrorism and anti-Semitism.

An October 2019 report by the Institute for the Study of Global Anti-Semitism and Policy (ISGAP) revealed how NSJP “leaders and official university chapters espouse blatant forms of anti-Semitism on social media and use the national conferences as a platform to propagate their discriminatory ideas.”

“For many years, and especially since the University of Michigan’s student government passed a BDS resolution in 2017, Ann Arbor has been a hotbed for anti-Israel activity. Students for Justice in Palestine and their affiliates propagate misinformation, whitewash the threat of terrorism against Israel, and advocate for the dissolution of the world’s only Jewish state,” said Hali Haber, director of campus programming at CAMERA.

Demand University of Michigan Cancel the Event!

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3. Send VP for Public Affairs Rick Fitzgerald a message directly via email at [email protected]

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