Anti-Israel professor Faisal Bhabha. (screenshot)

York University must not tolerate a professor who says “accusing Israel of exaggerating the Holocaust” is “a plausible argument” and “equates white supremacy” with Zionism.

York University law professor Faisal Bhabha recently said during an online debate that “Zionism isn’t about self-determination, it’s about Jewish supremacy,” adding, “I’m equating white supremacy with Jewish supremacy.”

Bhabha then blurted out, “Accusing Israel of exaggerating the Holocaust could be, for some, a plausible argument.”

This is the latest example of Bhabha’s virulently anti-Israel agenda, which includes promoting boycotts of the Jewish state and defending a painting that was hung on campus depicting a Palestinian holding a rock, a clear reference to stone-throwing terrorists who have killed scores of Israelis, including two-year-old Adele Biton.

Bhabha also opposes the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of anti-Semitism because it defines his brand of anti-Israel activism as Jew-hatred.

In response to Bhabha’s most recent anti-Israel comments, B’nai Brith Canada called for Bhabha’s removal from teaching, saying, “Any version of human rights that does not include a firm rejection of anti-Semitism is ethically and morally bankrupt.”

The time has come to tell York University to stop letting this anti-Israel ideologue indoctrinate students with hatred for the Jewish state.

Demand that York University stop giving a platform to anti-Israel professor Faisal Bhabha!

1. Sign the petition demanding that York University bar Faisal Bhabha from teaching “human rights” by clicking here.

2. Click [email protected] to send an email to York University President Rhonda Lenton demanding that she fire Faisal Bhabha for legitimizing Holocaust distortions to promote his biased anti-Israel agenda.