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We must stop this insanity! Call on the Nobel Committee to disregard BDS’ ridiculous nomination for a Peace Prize.

The anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has officially been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, in a disgusting, twisted and provocative move.

The nominating statement, submitted by Norwegian parliamentarian Bjørnar Moxnes, claims improbably that BDS “should be supported without reservation by all democratically-minded people and states.”

Moxnes is apparently not familiar with BDS when he writes in the nomination that “like the BDS movement, we are fully committed to stopping an ascendent, racist and right-wing politics sweeping too much of our world, and securing freedom, justice and equality for all people.” How does this pertain to BDS in any way?

He describes BDS’ activities by regurgitating common fallacies, including that BDS seeks equal rights for “Palestinian citizens of Israel, currently discriminated against by dozens of racist laws,” and that BDS wants to “secure the internationally-recognized legal right of Palestinian refugees to return to homes and lands from which they were expelled.”

“Twelve years since BDS’ launch, it’s high time for us to commit to doing no harm, and for all states to withdraw their complicity in Israel’s military occupation, racist apartheid rule, ongoing theft of Palestinian land, and other egregious human rights violations,” he claims.

Absurdly, Moxens initially made a mistake when he wrote that BDS existed 11 years, not 12. He couldn’t even get that right.

While BDS claims it’s a human rights movement seeking peace, its real motivation is anti-Semitism and its true objective is the destruction of Jewish State.

BDS is a form of jihad that predates not only the 1967 Six Day War, but also the establishment of the State of Israel, with deep roots in the Nazi boycott campaign against Jews during the Holocaust.

BDS is waging a misleading and morally corrupt campaign against Israel. Anyone that wants to bring peace to the Middle East should condemn the movement.

The BDS campaign against Israel is an anti-Semitic movement to delegitimize the Jewish state as a prelude to its elimination. BDS represents nothing less than “the latest mutation of the world’s oldest hate.”

What can we do?

The Norwegian Nobel Committee is responsible for selecting the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates.

We must tell the Nobel Committee: if you truly seek world peace and want to retain any last shred of integrity for the Noble Peace, categorically reject BDS’ nomination.

Call on the Nobel Committee to disregard the ridiculous BDS nomination for a Peace Prize.

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