Ayman Mohyeldin. (screenshot)

This journalist exploited the coronavirus crisis to pursue his anti-Israel agenda.

Ayman Mohyeldin, an American journalist based in Los Angeles for MSNBC News who previously worked for Qatari state-funded Al Jazeera, recently exploited the coronavirus crisis by claiming that Arabs in Gaza face empty food shelves because of a “blockade.”

Mohyeldin implies that Israel and possibly Egypt deny Gazans food, when in reality basic goods that cannot be used to harm innocent civilians enter the Strip freely. As a security measure, Israel and Egypt monitor the entry of materials that have been used by terror groups in Gaza to launch attacks.

The Hamas terror group rules Gaza, while Iranian-backed factions like Palestinian Islamic Jihad roam freely in the coastal enclave, brutalizing fellow Gazans, firing rockets indiscriminately at Israeli communities, and mounting a wide variety of attacks on Israeli security forces.

In his Friday tweet, Mohyeldin claimed that Americans would “now be able to relate to what life under a blockade is like.”

In response, Attila Somfalvi, a journalist and anchor working for YNET, wrote, “Maybe America will be able now to relate to how it is to have an anti-Semitic idiot as an anchor.”

This is not the first time that Moyheldin’s comments about Israel have not reflected reality. Moyheldin notoriously reported on air in 2015 that Israeli soldiers shot an unarmed Palestinian, even though the man was clearly holding a knife and attempted to stab Israeli citizens.

With regard to food shortages, Gazans themselves have taken to social media to boast that their stores are normally full of fresh foods, including meat, fruits, vegetables, and a variety of imported goods.

That doesn’t stop Moyheldin from tweeting about “blockades” in the face of a global health pandemic in which Israel is doing everything in its power to assist Palestinians in the battle against this deadly virus.

The time has come to tell NBC not let this biased journalist distort reality in Gaza and Israeli!

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