Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (right) and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. (Flash90/Hadas Parush)

Despite the fact that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been a staunch supporter of Israel, the department he supervises has entrenched, career employees who pursue a distinctly anti-Israel agenda.

Israel currently enjoys an unprecedented level of support from its greatest ally, the United States.

This support includes the policies and actions pursued by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

However, an Israeli organization called Boomerang recently released evidence of a distinctly anti-Israel bias in the U.S. State Department, which is staffed by entrenched, career employees.

Some of these State Department staff members are holdovers from the administration of Barack Obama, who oversaw the U.S.’ “abandonment” of Israel at the United Nations during his final month in office, according to Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon.

Evidence compiled by Boomerang paints a disturbing picture of a State Department that continues to present in its findings a distorted image of Israel and the Jews who live there.

Specifically, the State Department publishes an annual report on human rights in Israel that Boomerang founder Ezri Tubi says relies on data compiled by a UN agency “known for its biased attitude toward Israel.”

For instance, the UN agency claimed there were only 181 incidents of “Palestinians committing attacks on Israeli civilians” in 2018, when Israeli police records show that there were over 3,000 reports filed by Israelis who were attacked by Palestinians in that year.

When Tubi directly confronted the State Department about choosing to use the UN’s data, instead of data that Boomerang collected and forwarded, it responded that its report “describes facts relevant to human rights concerns,” but doesn’t “catalogue all human rights abuses in a given year.”

So, which other organizations’ data did the State Department use besides the UN’s?

It relied on data from eight radical left-wing organizations “all known for undermining Israel’s legitimacy,” according to Tubi, whose content made it into the State Department’s report and were mentioned or quoted over 70 times in the 106-page document.

“Why is the State Department publishing a biased and gross distortion of reality” that “places the lives and security of Jews in Jeopardy?” asks Boomerang.

Tell Secretary of State Pompeo to withdraw the State Department’s latest biased report against Israel!

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