Payments at the Bank of Palestine. (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

When will Citibank stop working with the Bank of Palestine, which is involved in the barbaric “pay for slay” program that pays to terrorists who kill and maim Israelis, Americans, and Europeans?

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has been paying terrorists to murder innocent victims for decades, incentivizing criminals to commit these attacks by providing them and their families with lifetime salaries.

In suicide bombings, stabbings, car-rammings, and shootings, Palestinian terrorists have killed Israelis, Americans, and Europeans, reaping hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of their lives for these heinous crimes.

Shurat Hadin, an NGO that protects the rights of terror victims, has been fighting for years to shut down the despicable Palestinian pay-for-slay program.

The NGO has shown that the PA uses complex banking techniques to funnel its terror stipends to accounts around the world.

One of the financial institutions the PA deals with for official government business is Citibank, which works with the Bank of Palestine.

Shurat Hadin has demanded that Citibank cut off its dealings with the Bank of Palestine, threatening legal action if the bank does not comply. And there is precedent for the threat.

In 2018, a British legal group thwarted Citibank’s dealings with a terror-linked Palestinian organization.

According to Shurat Hadin, “As a correspondent bank for the Bank of Palestine – a bank that serves as a conduit to the international banking system – allowing such ‘pay for slay’ funds to pass through its accounts could expose Citibank to both civil and criminal liability under the US Anti Terrorism Act (ATA),” The Jerusalem Post reported.

Shurat HaDin minced no words, declaring, “A cursory investigation would have revealed the PA and PLO’s ‘pay to slay’ program and the PA’s use of the banking system,” adding that “sanctions compliance protocols certainly placed Citibank on clear notice Hamas is a designated [foreign terror organization] under the ATA and sanctioned by the US.”

Tell Citibank to cut off ties with the Bank of Palestine, once and for all!!

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