FBI poster for terrorist Ahlam Tamimi. (FBI via AP).

The BBC “told the oh-so-sad tale of how” bomber Ahlam Tamimi’s husband, another released terrorist, was kicked out of Jordan, “skipping or twisting” ‎facts about her murderous terror, warned the father of one of Tamimi’s teen victims.

Arnold Roth’s 15-year-old daughter, Malki, was killed in a 2001 suicide bombing at Sbarro’s pizzeria in Jerusalem that Ahlam Tamimi was largely responsible for carrying out. Fifteen people in total were killed, including a 2-year-old child, and more than 130 were wounded.

Shockingly, the BBC recently aired a report on Tamimi that “skipped or twisted ‎the important background details about Tamimi’s murderous terror, and then described ‎how she phoned into a popular Amman-based radio station and tried to appeal directly ‎to King Abdullah II to intervene and return her husband to Jordan,” Roth recently wrote in a report published by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

The Oct. 8, 2020 program was aired “for the purpose of creating sympathy for the ‎child murderer,” warned Roth, referring to the fact that Tamimi’s husband, who is also a terrorist, was recently kicked out of Jordan.

Tamimi was released from prison as part of a prisoner-exchange deal, despite being sentenced to serve 16 life sentences for her heinous crimes against innocent civilians, including small children.

The BBC should be condemned for promoting the plight of a terrorist who “gloated in public and repeatedly boasted of what she did,” “calling the massacre ‘her operation,’” said Roth.

“She chose the site, brought the ‎terrorist and the explosives – it is clearly her murderous ‘operation,’” he added. “When asked ‎about the families and children she murdered, she said in front of the cameras ‎that she has ‘no regrets’ and she would do it again if she could. She has left no ‎doubt as to what motivates her in life.‎”

Lest anyone have any doubt about how the civilized world views Tamimi, she is one of 28 people ‎on the FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorists” list.‎

The BBC must apologize for this misleading broadcast about a murderous Palestinian terrorist and stop its biased anti-Israel reporting!

Send the BBC your own message at [email protected] telling them to stop misleading people about the true face of Palestinian terror, or use this template: Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to demand that the BBC apologize for its recent broadcast in Arabic about the Palestinian terrorist Ahlam Tamimi, who helped murder 15 people and wounded over 130 others in a suicide bombing that she plead guilty to planning and helping carry out. This message is specifically in reference to your Oct. 8, 2020 program called “Trending” on BBC’s Arabic TV service broadcast ‎throughout the world. You disgrace the victims’ memories with such broadcasts and embolden terror.