Family of terror victim Gilad Sha’ar plants a tree in his memory. (Gershon Elinson/Flash90)

To counter the Palestinian Authority’s tree-planting initiative to glorify suicide bombers, murderers, and other so-called “martyrs,” please help us honor the lives of Israelis who were killed by these terrorists.

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) recently reported that the Palestinian Authority (PA) “launched a project to honor all Palestinians who have ‎died as so-called ‘martyrs’ since 1917,” with a plan to “plant 35,000 olive trees” ‎with each tree named after a “martyr.”

Who are these so-called “martyrs”?

“The PA defines all ‎terrorists killed while attacking Israelis – including suicide bombers and mass murderers ‎‎- as ‘Martyrs,” PMW explains.

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This means that the likes of the terrorist who murdered Israeli Esther Horgan in cold blood in December will be honored.

How sick! Muhammad Maruh Kabha stalked a mother of six who was in the forests near her home, taking a jog, and brutally killed her by smashing her in the head with a rock.

Why would anyone honor such a violent degenerate or the practice of indiscriminately killing innocent civilians?

Yet that’s exactly what the PA is doing in order to push its “policy of promoting terrorists as role models to Palestinian youth, urging them to die as ‘Martyrs for Palestine.’”

While the PA’s terror promotion is obviously illegal, and PMW notified the relevant Israeli authorities to stop it, United with Israel is asking you to counter this despicable campaign by planting trees in honor of Israeli victims of Palestinian terror.

Click here to plant trees for terror victims and counter the Palestinians’ celebration of suicide bombers, murderers and other violent criminals.

plant fruit trees