Israeli terror victims whose stories were featured by the Fallen Faces Project. (courtesy)

You can do your part to keep the memories alive of Israeli victims of Palestinian terror simply by changing your profile picture on social media.

The Fallen Faces Project is an innovative campaign to raise awareness about the true impact on Israelis of Palestinian terror.

The project helps keep the memory alive of Israeli terror victims by sharing on social media their photos and life stories, told in the first person.

While it’s true that “their deaths were horrific,” commented Fallen Faces co-founder Dr. Melissa Jane Kronfeld, “that doesn’t mean their legacy can’t be beautiful and inspiring.”

Now, you can help preserve that legacy by joining the Fallen Faces Project.

“We use the Facebook algorithm against itself in a way that had not been done before,” explained Kronfeld, describing Fallen Faces’ strategy.

“We ask people to change their profile pictures from images of themselves to photos of victims of Palestinian terror,” Kronfeld said. This triggers the Facebook algorithm to place posts at the top of connections’ feeds, garnering more likes, comments, and ultimately attention for the memories of terror victims.

In this way, Fallen Faces “maximizes the Facebook algorithm to spread the images and memories of Israelis killed by Palestinian terrorists.”

“People need to hear about these victims’ actual lives,” Kronfeld concluded.

Now you can help give Israel victims of Palestinian terror a voice of their own!

To participate in the Fallen Faces Project, please:

1. Enter your email on their website by clicking here.

2. Sing up on their Facebook page clicking here.