Abdullah Al-Saidda singing about murdering Israelis. (screenshot)

In the wake of the horrific murder this week of Israeli mother of six Esther Horgan, YouTube must finally shut down Palestinian videos calling to kill Israelis.

Palestinian singer Abdullah Al-Saidda has racked up over 23 million views for his music video “Target Identified,” in which he sings “the time has come for a fierce war” and “the smell of gunpowder is more pleasant than perfume” while lifting a gun to his face, breathing in its aroma and then loading a case of automatic weapons into his car.

Al-Saidda looks at the camera and says, “Shut up and don’t cross the border / If you cross it, we’ll put an end to your existence.” He then draws his hand across his throat, in a throat-slitting gesture.

This type of incitement to kill and maim is always unacceptable, but it absolutely must not be tolerated in light of the fact that yet another innocent Israeli lost her life this week.

On Sunday, a Palestinian terrorist from Jenin murdered Esther Horgan in a horrifically violent attack when she went for a run in the Reihan Forest.

“Around 1 a.m., she was found by one of the search units, lifeless, with her skull smashed,” TPS reported.

Palestinians are bombarded with messages encouraging them to commit acts like this on social media and in videos on YouTube such as Al-Saidda’s disgusting “Target Identified” clip.

Palestinian officials like Ramallah Governor Laila Ghannam endorse these videos, calling them “Palestinian popular artistic heritage … whose goal is to preserve [Palestinian values], pass [them] on to the coming generations, and instill knowledge about [them] here and abroad.”

Even worse, Esther Horgan’s killer will receive a lifetime salary from the Palestinian Authority that dwarves the earnings of the average Arab living under the PA’s oppressive rule.

Demand YouTube stop providing a platform for these vicious Palestinian messages promoting the murder of innocent Israelis!

1. Report Al-Saidda’s video for hate speech by: (a) clicking here to go to the video’s page; (b) clicking the three dots (ellipsis) above the red subscribe button (next to the word “Save”); (c) clicking “Report”; and (d) selecting “hateful or abusive content,” or another option that suits the issue.

2. Write directly to YouTube Vice President Matt Halprin and respectfully voice your concerns (for a template letter see below):

Matt Halprin c/o Google LLC, D/B/A YouTube
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066 USA

Dear Mr. Halprin,

I am writing to you to demand you remove the account of Abdullah Al-Saidda (عبدالله السعايدة), who openly promotes the murder of Israelis. This week a Palestinian terrorist from Jenin murdered Esther Horgan in a horrifically violent attack when she went for a run, smashing her skull. You are complicit in terror attacks such as this because you host on your platform videos that urge Palestinians to commit such heinous acts. Remove Al-Saideh’s accoint now and ban him and his ilk from your platform permanently.