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The newspaper distributed a million maps containing a blatant error, designating Tel Aviv as the capital of the Jewish State and not its eternal capital, Jerusalem.

The Sunday, Sept. 1st print edition of the Daily Mail (The Mail on Sunday) came with a freebie: a “giant, glossy” map of the world featuring “essential geographical facts..”

In a tweet, the newspaper promoted its gift to its readers:

“This weekend we’re giving Mail readers a giant, glossy map of the world absolutely FREE! Don’t miss out on your chance to get this fantastic poster, just in time for going back to school.”

However, they got one fact wrong. An important one.

Elsewhere on the map, it makes clear that the square icons (which you see next to Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad, and Amman, for example) represent the capitals. However, the Daily Mail map contains a blatant inaccuracy about Israel, designating Tel Aviv as the capital of the Jewish State and not its ancient and current capital, Jerusalem.

Adam Levick, who covers the British media for CAMERA, the Boston-based Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America. says that despite the fact that he and his colleagues have posted countless times on this issue, and contacted editors to remind them that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, usually resulting in corrections, this mistake continues to crop up periodically.

“Though we contacted Daily Mail editors to ask for a prominent editor’s note acknowledging the error, in light of the fact that the claim was made in an actual paper map that nearly one million Britons received (and not merely online), the damage can’t really be undone,” Levick writes in The Algemeiner.

However, the newspaper should at least publish a prominent correction, apologizing for the mistake and making it clear that Jerusalem – not Tel Aviv – is the Israeli capital. They should also ensure that all future maps are produced correctly. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, Not Tel-Aviv!


Tell the Daily Mail to issue a prominent apology and correct their map!


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