May Piamenta (center). (Matan Boganim/TPS)


This young Israeli entrepreneur’s app helps companies mobilize their staff to participate in volunteer activities, providing logistics, coordination, and feedback.


May Piamenta, a 21-year-old entrepreneur from Dimona, has raised $1 million for the startup Vee she founded, which provides organizations with a smart system through which they can run their social activism.

Vee’s technology connects companies and organizations interested in mobilizing their staff for the sake of the community with volunteer activities and allows all activities to be managed remotely, including logistics, coordination, division into teams and feedback, all automatically and independently.

The organization’s human resources manager selects from the variety of volunteer options the ones that suit the spirit of the organization and can also add other initiatives and offer them to employees.

The system is integrated with an app for the volunteer employees, which adapts the volunteering opportunities for them according to their preferences and skills. Participants in the activity can use an app to create volunteer groups with colleagues, keep a log and share their experience on social networks.

From the other side, associations and organizations, Vee has developed an interface through which the volunteering is managed. Their recruiters and volunteer coordinators can manage all their needs, from anywhere and in real-time.

For example, they can create one-time volunteer events, ongoing volunteering, increasing the exposure of the association or its social initiative, and recruiting volunteers who are most suitable for them.

The startup Vee was founded and managed by Piamenta, who despite her young age has diverse experience in social projects to promote women and girls, training ambassadors and international organizations, raising capital for a playground for children with disabilities, international volunteer days and more.

She was joined by Gil Amsalem, who has experience both as a social activist and as a business leader at Ness and Amdocs, and Avi Amor, a graduate of the Intelligence Unit, Chief Sales and Operations Manager at IKEA Israel and founder of Nahali Emuna for food distribution to the needy. The company operates in Tel Aviv’s Sarona neighborhood and employs 12 people.

Piamenta said that the eruption of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its economic and social impacts have created huge gaps between societies thriving during this period and those who have found themselves in a difficult situation that threatens their very existence.

Many organizations are interested in helping the community during this period but have difficulty implementing their plans due to remote work limitations. On the other hand, volunteer organizations frequently struggle to promote themselves properly.

The platform helps people to join and lead social initiatives and organize them in a simple and effective way.

The funds Piamenta raised will allow Vee to recruit additional employees, and expand its research and product marketing activities in Israel and the U.S. while adapting to customer feedback and needs.