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Incitement to violence against Jews is widely prevalent on social media and YouTube is no exception. Online incitement leads terrorists to commit acts of terror. United with Israel asked its supporters to contact YouTube and report hate videos in the hope they would be removed. The effort paid off!

For years, those who aim to incite to violence have worked to spread their messages of hate online. Today, YouTube is full of videos encouraging people to carry out acts of terror against Jews. This must stop!

Today, anyone, anywhere can flag a video and ask YouTube to remove it. And that’s what we did. We asked our friends and supporters to help us by reporting offensive videos on YouTube. A week later, after thousands of people responded to our Call to Action, most of the videos had been taken down – thanks to your efforts!

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United with Israel’s Call to Action encouraged thousands of supporters to contact YouTube to protest against violent posts on its site. And YouTube did indeed remove some of the videos.

But since YouTube continues to host videos that incite to terror against Jews, our protest must continue!

Tell YouTube to remove the following video!

Here’s how:

1) Play this video by clicking here –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huFbmvm-cBE)

2) Once on Youtube (need to be connected to a Youtube/Google account), click on “More” under the video/title.

3) Click on “Report”

4) Choose “Violent or repulsive content”

5) Choose “Promotes terrorism”

6) Enter a personal message to YouTube (optional)

7) Click “Submit”

Click here to go to the Call to Action page and help United with Israel fight the widespread proliferation of violent, anti-Semitic videos on YouTube!

We’ve come this far. Don’t give up!

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