As part of our ongoing effort to clear the internet of videos that incite violence and terror against Jews, United with Israel posted a list of videos that need to be removed from YouTube. The response was huge! Over 30,000 complaints to YouTube appears to have done the trick!


In recent months we asked you, our supporters, to help us pressure YouTube into removing videos that incite to hatred and violence against Jews. Numerous videos inciting hatred are posted by anti-Israel users and it takes great, concerted effort by large groups of individuals to force YouTube to recognize that these videos are damaging and dangerous. YouTube still hosts many videos that directly encourage people to carry out acts of terror against Jews. This must stop!


Together, with thousands of United with Israel activists, we succeeded in having most of the videos taken down. Unfortunately, there are even more videos that continue to be posted online and we must not fail in our resolve to remove each and every one. This is an ongoing issue and we must continue to press YouTube to remove even more videos.


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