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Holocaust children

Grosvenor Hotel, London

London’s Grosvenor Hotel (

More than 100 people attended a hate rally in London over the weekend, including prominent Holocaust deniers, Nazi sympathizers and white supremacists. 

Nazi sympathizers, Holocaust deniers and their supporters from around the world reportedly held a secret rally in Great Britain last Saturday, where speakers unleashed anti-Semitic rants and referred to Jews as “the enemy” and “children of darkness,” the UK’s Daily Mail reports.

Held at the Orient Suite in London’s Grosvenor Hotel just two days after Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, 113 people attended the six-hour event, which drew speakers from Spain, Canada and the United States.

The keynote speaker was Spanish self-confessed Nazi Pedro Varela. Mark Weber, director of the Institute for Historical Review, based in California, was among the participants. Other familiar faces hailed from the British far-right of the National Front and the British National Party, some of whom had been jailed for violence.

Anti-semitism in London

Anti-Semitic graffiti on a north London street in 2008. (AP)

“They say Jews have the gold in the world and the power in the press and they are going to rule the world,” Varela declared. “We should also be smart and clever, as are the children of darkness…. Sometimes we are not that smart.”

During the event, the report says, the audience reportedly “sniggered at the mention of ‘ashes rising from the death camps’ crematoria and applauded as they were urged to ‘identify, counter and break … Jewish-Zionist domination.’” They reportedly laughed at the Charlie Hebdo massacre and referred to an African leader at the Paris memorial ceremony as “some Negro.” The crowd, according to the Mail, cheered at the mention of a brigade of Spanish Fascists who fought for the Nazis, and listened to the branding of gay parents as “monster families” and mixed-race children as “blackos.”

Jewish Leaders Demand Investigation

Gerry Gable, editor and publisher of the anti-Fascist Searchlight magazine and a leading expert on the extreme right, told the Mail: “This is the biggest and most significant meeting of Holocaust deniers that Britain has ever seen. It is a very worrying development.”

British Jewish community leaders called on police to investigate the group for hate crimes. “The material from this white supremacist group makes ugly reading,” Jonathan Arkush, vice-president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, told the Mail. “On the face of it, their proceedings should be investigated to ascertain whether criminal offences have been committed, including incitement to racial hatred.”

The Mail, which had sent an undercover reporter to the event, said on Sunday that it gave its evidence to the Metropolitan Police.

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