The Plaszów memorial. (Allie Caulfield)


Police are investigating if workers broke the law and desecrated the memory of Holocaust victims.

Polish prosecutors are investigating if workers have violated laws protecting buried human remains when they apparently dug up bones at the site of a former Nazi concentration camp and a Jewish cemetery.

Police say they found bones at the site of the World War II Plaszow concentration camp after a company did gas pipeline maintenance work there. Krakow police spokesman Mariusz Ciarka said Tuesday the bones have been sent for forensic examination to determine if they are human.

Police were alerted to the site by a local Jewish community leader, who had been notified about the digging by an anonymous caller.

The Nazis set up the camp on the site of the Plaszow Jewish cemetery during the war.

The camp was notorious for its horrible terrors. SS commandant Amon Göth, known for his sadism in his treatment and killing of prisoners, commanded the camp.At its peak, it held some 20,000 inmates. When the Soviet army arrived in January 1945, only about 600 prisoners remained alive.

The camp’s story was made famous by the movie Schindler’s List.

Today, it is only marked by a stone memorial.

By: AP and United with Israel Staff