Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar. (AP/Adel Hana)


Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar claimed the coronavirus was a punishment from God for the U.S.’ embassy move to Jerusalem in an address in which he threatened “six million settlers.”

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar appeard on his terror group’s official station Al-Aqsa TV recently, slandering Israeli Minister of Defense Naftali Bennett and claiming that Gaza does not need aid from the Jewish state.

Paradoxically, Sinwar “threatened that Hamas will make six million settlers unable to breathe if Gazans start dying as a result of not having enough ventilators,” according to a translation provided my MEMRI.

Sinwar also claimed that the coronavirus “was sent by God as retribution for the move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and because God is not pleased about how things in the world are being run.”