Warning of Islamic World Domination


This is a startling video that shows groups of Muslim extremists working to bring Islamic law (Shariah) to east London and beyond to the entire free world.

What people practice in their own homes is their own business, but when they take it out to the street and try to enforce it on others, questions of decency and freedom emerge. In this video, a Sharia law-enforcer explains that thanks to freedom of speech, he can go out and enforce his religious practices on others.

This video shows how the Sharia law-enforcers prohibit the drinking of alcohol, decide what women can or cannot wear in public and warn gay people to leave the country. And this is just the beginning. The consequences for going against Sharia can be seen by the actions of terror groups such as ISIS.

When your own freedom is threatened, how should you react? If this threat to the West is real, then governments should be shaken up. Our voices must be heard. Please SHARE this video. Know more on, signs of addiction