UNRWA Exposed Teaching Children to Hate Jews

In this video, Brooke Goldstein, founder and director of the Lawfare Project, shows how innocent Palestinian children are being corrupted at UN Gaza/Jerusalem schools, where they are taught to hate Jews and love martyrdom.

US taxpayers are paying for the funding of UNRWA schools, which teach children to hate Jews and rise against Israel. Children are taught to love bloodshed, die as martyrs and desire war. Even worse, UNRWA is hiring Hamas rocket engineers as teachers in their schools! Why? So the children can become suicide bombers and be recruited into Hamas. They have turned the schools into a military training camp.

$130 million was given by the US to UNRWA in 2013!!! Why is the US supporting such an evil organization that brainwashes and corrupts the future generation. Canada has divested completely from UNRWA.

A new documentary produced by the Center for Near East Policy Research titled Children’s Army of Hamas shows that Hamas is committing a war crime training children under the age of 15 to be soldiers. 17,000 minors have reportedly been drafted from UNRWA schools so they can become Hamas terrorists. These children are even taught how to use weapons. A Hamas child terrorist declares in the documentary, “We learned weapons training and joined the War Games camp to end the Zionist aggression.” Another child said, “I was trained to be a warrior to liberate my land.”