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Prime Minister Netanyahu Lights the Rockets into Roses United with Israel Menorah

Sderot Menorah

United with Israel’s unique Sderot Menorah, made from the remains of Hamas rockets that exploded in Israel, was used by PM Netanyahu at a lighting ceremony with soldiers of the IDF’s Duvdevan unit.

United with Israel received a surprise phone call with a special request that was relayed from Prime Minister Netanyahu: to light a menorah that was made from Hamas rockets!

Although UWI was to light this unique menorah at its own Chanukah party for the IDF the next evening, they were more than happy to “loan” it to the Prime Minister’s team. Defense Minister Yaalon joined Netanyahu at the ceremony on the IDF base.

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Watch the candle lighting ceremony – you may decide to bring one of these very rare menorahs into your own home!

Sderot Menorah