Anne Bayefsky. (screenshot)

The U.N. Human Rights Council literally silenced a speaker for calling out the Jew-hatred that drives the body’s unabated anti-Israel agenda.

What happens when a leading expert holds up a mirror to the United Nations, exposing its rampant anti-Semitism? Simply put, the biased body’s gatekeepers can’t handle the truth.

On Monday, Touro College’s Anne Beyefsky confronted the U.N. Human Rights Council head on about its anti-Semitism and blatant lies. For her trouble, the professor got her microphone shut off as the ironically titled U.N. agency literally silenced her rather than face the truth.

Bring Purim Joy to Victims of Terror

Meanwhile, the body’s decades-old anti-Israel agenda steamrolls forward, with a litany of new resolutions proposed by some of the world’s worst human rights abusers falsely accusing Israel of crimes against humanity.

Bring Purim Joy to Victims of Terror