Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Danon with other UN ambassadors near a terror tunnel during a previous visit. (Basel Awidat/Flash90)

Israel’s envoy to the UN Danny Danon recently took a delegation of fellow ambassadors to the Gaza border, to see Hamas’ terror infrastructure first hand.

United Nations ambassadors from around the world visited the Gaza belt this December with Israeli envoy Danny Danon, who brought them to one of the Hamas terror tunnels the IDF discovered before it could be used to harm Israeli civilians.

The delegation included ambassadors from Guatemala, Paraguay, Poland, Ethiopia, Romania, Ukraine, Estonia, and the Czech Republic, among other nations. Danon also brought the UN delegation to an Iron Dome battery in Netivot.

While the UN consistently pursues an anti-Israel agenda, ambassadors from member states such as these are not afraid to confront the truth about Palestinian terror, which threatens Israelis on a daily basis.