Depiction of Roman Emperor Hadrian, who renamed Judea “Syria-Palaestina.” (YouTube/Screenshot)

We often hear claims that Palestinians are native or indigenous to the land of Israel, but does history back this up? 

Roman Emperor Hadrian, who ruled Judea in the 2nd century, renamed the region “Syria Palaestina” in an attempt to erase Jewish history in the land.

Judea was the last independent state that existed in the Land of Israel, as evidenced by archaeological discoveries.

During the Ottoman era, the term “Palestine” was used as a general geographical term to describe the area south of Syria.

During the British mandate of Palestine, both Jews and Arabs were considered “Palestinians.” When the land was partitioned for the creation of two separate states, one for Arabs and one for Jews, the Arabs rejected what could be called a two-state solution and attacked the fledgling Jewish state.

In 1964 – three years before the IDF liberated eastern Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, the terrorist Palestine Liberation Organization was created in order to eliminate the State of Israel in its entirety.

Learn the history of the land of Israel and discover what the term “Palestine” really means.