Hashem Melech Gad Elbaz Y-Studs

Come and experience the song that has swept the Jewish world by storm – Hashem Melech as sung by the Y-Studs and by Gad Elbaz who originally composed it. 

Gad Elbaz, a famous and highly talented Israeli singer released this powerhouse of a song back in 2013 and it’s still featuring on Jewish radio stations and being played in Jewish weddings and other joyful events. The name of the song means – God (the) King.

Y-Studs has produced their own version of the song using only human voices and the result is stunning. They gave us the following message, “This song is about unity, bringing all people, regardless of race and religion together. Israel is just that, a place where anyone of any religion and race can come together, and appreciate what Israel is. “Hashem Melech” is a song that looks to unite people all around the world with meaning and truth,”