Jerusalem-based chef tastes his Holy Guacamole Charoset for Passover. (The Temple Institute/Youtube screenshot)

This amusing video offers a cooking demonstration that will give you some unique Passover recipes and teach you an important lesson about the upcoming holiday.

For three decades, the Temple Institute in Jerusalem has been educating Jews worldwide about the obligation to eat the Pascal Lamb Offering – the Korban Pesach – which must be prepared on the Temple Mount on the eve of Passover, even in the absence of a Holy Temple.

This lighthearted cooking demonstration by a world-renowned, Jerusalem-based chef offers out-of-the-box takes on Passover classics, such as Charoset and a Mexican-style lamb burrito that could easily be mistaken for a Pascal Lamb Sandwich, as eaten by the ancient sage Hillel.

Learn about Passover and enjoy the great recipes!