An Army rabbi writes a Torah scroll. (screenshot)


While the Israeli army is one of the most technologically advanced militaries in the world, parchment scrolls containing time-tested wisdom remain the secret source of the IDF’s strength.

Unlike any other army in the world, the IDF keeps a Torah Scroll on each and every base in the Jewish state, to strengthen troops’ spirits and provide a reminder of the values on which the nation was founded.

Oz Ve’Hadar is a non-profit organization in Israel that restores Torah Scrolls which are later presented to the IDF and read by soldiers on bases throughout the Land of Israel.

The organization helps generous donors assist the IDF by funding restoration of these scrolls, after which the Torahs are often dedicated to the memory of a fallen soldier and placed into a synagogue’s holy ark. Some of the the restored scrolls were originally read in communities destroyed during the Holocaust.