Palestinian Girl Saved by IDF Soldier

A Palestinian terrorist tossed a rock at a car, not realizing that he was attacking fellow Arabs. If not for an IDF soldier, a child would have been killed.

It might be easy to dismiss rock-throwing a form of rebellion rather than terrorism. But one needs to understand how deadly it can be. The velocity of a moving car going against a rock that’s been thrown towards the vehicle can do serious damage. People have been killed by this form of terror, and if not for the quick thinking of an IDF soldier, in this case a little girl would have died.

When someone is injured, Israelis do not stop to check on the ethnicity of the victim before treatment. The important fact is that a fellow human being needs help, and Israeli hospitals treat everyone equally. What you’ll see in this video is a family that discovers a side of Israel they didn’t expect. The mother was fearful when turning to the IDF for help as her daughter lay bleeding and unconscious. She didn’t know what to expect, but what the family received was world-class treatment. Now the family is out to teach other Palestinians that violence will not solve any problems. Let’s hope their voices will be heard.