Netanyahu (L) and Trump at joint press conference in Washington Feb. 15, 2017. (AP/Evan Vucci)

Former Israeli Ambassador Yoram Ettinger explains the deep bond between America and the Jewish state, which has catapulted cooperation to unprecedented levels.

President Abraham Lincoln referred to the Ten Commandments as the summation of his theology.

“The fundamental basis of this nation’s laws was given to Moses on the Mount,” President Harry Truman stated.

The Ten Commandments has been an integral part of the legal, cultural, religious and political fabric of the American people and their representatives on Capitol Hill, highlighting the 400-year-old Judeo-Christian foundation of the US-Israel covenant.

In this video, former Israeli Ambassador Yoram Ettinger, an expert on US-Israel relations and the Mideast affairs, explains the deep bond between America and the Jewish state, which, he says, has catapulted cooperation to unprecedented levels.