This video tells the story of a man who had the lower part of his face destroyed in Syria, only to have it rebuilt and replaced in Israel. 

The situation in Syria is dire. A brutal civil war rages on, leaving many civilians dead and too many others with debilitating injuries. Because of its shared border with Israel, over 1,500 victims have sought medical treatment in Israel.

The treatment provided to Syrian civilians is the best Israel has to offer. There is no form of discrimination regarding the ethnic or geographic origin of the wounded. Instead, they are treated equally.

Mohammed is a young farmer from Deraa, where residents have been protesting against President Bashar al-Assad since 2011. According to Mohammed, a Syrian military jet fired a projective that destroyed the lower part of his face. Badly wounded, he was brought to Israel. Three months later, his face has been reconstructed, allowing him to talk and eat. You can view his incredible story below.