PM Benjamin Netanyahu makes statement on Israel-UAE peace agreement. (Youtube/Screenshot)

“A simple fact was proven anew: Strength attracts and weakness repels. In the Middle East, the strong survive and with strength, one makes peace,” Netanyahu said regarding the UAE-Israel peace deal.

The UAE-Israel peace deal, announced last Thursday, “was not achieved because Israel weakened itself by withdrawing to the 1967 lines. It was achieved because Israel strengthened itself by cultivating a free economy, and military and technological strength, and by combining these two strengths to achieve unprecedented international influence,” Netanyahu stated on Sunday.

“This doctrine stands in complete contradiction to the concept that held, up until a few days ago, that no Arab country would agree to make an official and open peace with Israel before a conclusion was achieved in the conflict with the Palestinians,” he explained, stressing that “Israel has not withdrawn from so much as one square meter.”

Furthermore, the Trump peace plan “includes, at my request, the application of Israeli sovereignty over extensive territories in Judea and Samaria… It was I who insisted on including sovereignty in the plan, and this plan has not changed,” he said.

Watch to hear the full statement.