‘Lone soldiers’ get support at Lev HaChayal. (Screenshot)


A unique program helps prepare religious IDF “lone soldiers” for service while providing them with a warm home and support system.

Each year, hundreds of young Jewish men and women from the Diaspora make the brave decision to serve in the IDF. They are among Israel’s “lone soldiers,” as they have no immediate family in the country.

While serving in the military is a challenging task for anyone, it is especially true for youth coming from thousands of miles away.

For those who are Orthodox, it could be especially difficult to adjust to a new lifestyle, away from their yeshivot, where they would study Talmud in a religious environment.

Meet some of these wonderful IDF soldiers who made the commitment to serve in combat and other units in order to protect the Jewish state.

Lev LaChayal – The Yeshiva Center for Lone Soldiers in the IDF

Take a look at Lev LaChayal – a groundbreaking program providing support, training and inspiration to religious Lone Soldiers before, during, and after their service in the IDF

Posted by Lev LaChayal on Tuesday, March 28, 2017